Help the environment and your bottom line  

Sustainable construction and demolition 

SCDI was founded in 2009 with a focus on creating sustainable construction jobsites through environmentally sound demolition and recycling construction materials.

We contract with project managers, large construction and demolition companies, private property owners, and city and local governments that are ahead of the curve about green initiatives in construction.

Recycled brick from demolition

When you choose to work with us you will: 

  • Improve efficiency of the jobsite

  • Increase the sustainability of your projects and products

  • Limit the amount of material that goes to landfill

  • Save money on demolition projects

Sustainable construction services 

Our services include deconstruction, project recycling programs, recycling audits, education, jobsite recycling certification, recycling signage, reporting and planning. Learn more about sustainable construction

Reclaimed construction material 

You’ll not only help the environment and increase sustainability. Working with reclaimed material can save you and your clients big money. Learn more about what we sell.  



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